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Good self-employment

Why self-employment can be good for you

The Chancellor's decision not to raise self-employed worker National Insurance contributions may have been the focus of March's budget. However, it also highlights the growing importance of people who, by choice or circumstances, make a major contribution to GDP.
Gita - the cargo carrying droid by Piaggio

Your new friend the cargo-carrying droid

Technology and the Yellow Pages are about to meet. A new generation of smart droids is preparing to revolutionise the delivery of goods and services between local businesses and local customers using the pavements, roads and skies near you.
Branding power

Branding - being known for all the right reasons

Successful businesses often create a distinctive competitive edge. However, it is essential to explain to customers what your strengths are. Branding summarises your benefits and values so that they are easy to recognise instantly again and again.

Sale FC Rugby Club - rooting for the home team

We know as professional accountants that the fortunes of sports teams can go down as well as up. But being on a roll feels good, especially when it brings local people together.
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