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Welcome to this edition of the Better Business newsletter where we look at:-

  • Business Today:- Own a limited company? How to use it to boost your pension
  • Business Tomorrow:- The 5G model of Bournemouth that will improve your business
  • Essentials of Business:- Business success through simple planning
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Boost your pension

Your company is good pension news at any age

Retirement finances worry many people. But there are solutions. Directors have the right to invest money withdrawn tax-efficiently from limited companies that they own into a range of modern flexible pension options - often with attractive additional benefits. Here's how.
5G modelling in Bournemouth

Making more money with 5G

An exact digital replica of Bournemouth is being built to help you do better business in the North West. It is part of an IT revolution which promises to be as large as the original internet.
Planning for long term success

Planning... for long-term success

Imagine driving from Dover to the south of France with no map. You may have luck on your side. But without good data you can't identify the swiftest routes, worst congestion areas, best sightseeing opportunities, or measure your progress. Businesses need proper plans.
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