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When it pays to advertise

When and why it pays to advertise

Advertising has never been more powerful. Yet for many small businesses the whole subject is often a worry - and rightly so if not handled well. But the upside can bring huge rewards. Strategist Graham Hoy looks at some of the "don'ts" and far more of the "do's".
Cloud bookkeeping

More time to grow your business, less time on bookkeeping

What is about to bring accounting software and online banking together? The answer is cloud banking and it is about to revolutionise how we work together still further. For small businesses, a chore is being replaced by new opportunities to plan and grow.
Proper Pricing - don't undersell yourself

PROPER PRICING... don't undersell yourself

You have a firm grip on costs, productivity, your sales pipeline, delivery and quality. But have you got your pricing strategy right? And if not, why not? A tiered-system has many advantages.
The word on the street

The word on the street...

You still have to pay statutory sick-pay (SSP) but can no longer claim it back. For many SMEs, insurance is the right answer, while maintaining weekly contact to ease employees back into the workplace.
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