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Small Business Insurance

Small business insurance - a professional guide to peace of mind

Insurance is as important to your business as your accountant, lawyer, or business banking. If something goes wrong, without well-tailored policies you could lose your business, or face financial difficulties, explains Caunce O'Hara insurance export, Adrian Stewart.
Staff Appraisals and SWOT Analysis

'Tis the season to give your staff and company a common purpose

As the calendar year-end approaches, why not combine your annual employee appraisals with your most ambitious company plans to create a united vision that everyone can buy into enthusiastically?
Practical and Pragmatic Bookkeeping

Pragmatic bookkeeping... routines and priorities

Even though bookkeeping technology is evolving quickly, underlying core principles remain the same. Businesses must have in place a robust and practical system to record all money transactions in and out of their organisation, plus a firm grip on finances.

Giving young people the support they deserve

Premier Accounts is pleased to be able to make a triple-investment of time, energy and funding near the end of another busy year into the sporting ambitions, dreams and talents of young citizens and future professionals.
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