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  • Business Today:- Borrow less, earn more. Can consolidation help your business?
  • Business Tomorrow:- Click-and-forget bookkeeping for the progressive business
  • Essentials of Business:- Premier Accounts takes a look at the accountancy cloud
  • Old Dog, New Tips and Tricks:- Flat rate VAT changes for limited cost traders
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Consolidate your debts

Which is better? One manageable debt? Or many small bad ones?

Uncontrolled indebtedness can be a serious business problem. However, there is a strategic solution. Instead of constantly increasing new debt simply to pay off old debts in a vicious spiralling circle, debt consolidation can return many businesses to investment and growth.

Click-and-forget bookkeeping is the new game-changer

Are you feeling progressive? Would having instant access to a secure, continuously-updated 100% accurate financial snapshot of your company's banking, liabilities, creditors and cash flow improve business? Let us introduce you to the cloud.
Data at your fingertips

Proper bookkeeping, data at your fingertips

Good bookkeeping is about systems and data, the lifeblood running through all your business activities. It is an accurate timeline that records how your business vision is shaping up and performing in practice. HMRS also expects you to keep good records.
The word on the street

The word on the street...

In this business, keeping your nose close to the ground is vital if you want to sniff out what really bothers folk. Many small businesses tell me they are confused about VAT changes announced in the Autumn Statement and implemented this spring. So I've dug up the following details...
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