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Tide business banking service

How to take admin off your plate

Being self-employed comes with the luxury of making your own choices and choosing your own hours. But being your own boss has its challenges too. Admin is annoying. Banking is a burden, explains Michael Healer of digital business banking service, Tide.
New European data protection laws from Spring 2018

Personal data - on the right side of the law in Spring 2018

If your business holds personal data on clients, customers, suppliers or staff, you must meet new European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) from 25th May 2018. Otherwise, you risk fines of up to 20 million Euros, or 4% of turnover. Compliance is easier than avoidance.
Budgets vs Forecasts

BUDGETS v FORECASTS... road maps need both

Your budget represents the dream you want to achieve. Your forecast shines the cold light of reality on what you are actually achieving - but is vital in helping you to keep on course.
Pettecrew Financial Planning

Pension pop-in on 21st February

Mark Carter of Petticrew Financial Planning will be joining us for a Pension Advice Open Day at our Stretford office (Manchester, M32 8DP). Come in and meet us from 10am until lunch time.

Time to get your figures in a row

The flu season may still be upon us. However, to avoid getting all in a fever about very taxing numbers, it is good to have the Year-End Tax Guide 2017/18 at your fingertips.
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