Our aim is to increase understanding and the benefits of knowledge-sharing and not simply to repeat what can be heard elsewhere. This ‘thought-leadership’ philosophy gives our clients an extra competitive-edge.

Editorial services include strategy, communication consultancy, journalism and technical editing based on award-winning UK daily newspaper and international industrial magazine and publication experience. The principle of matching client company strengths and end-user problems means that we can produce business material with a distinctive message amongst strong competition.

Feature writing is an important category in its own right and a major communication opportunity. In-depth but highly-readable features that analyse and offer well-qualified advice on topical sector/industry issues are sought by editors who welcome authoritative, informed articles that shine a spotlight on new thinking and original ideas.

Integrated communications are provided by the Twenty6 team of professional experts in their own fields who deliver packages of editorial and marketing content, printed literature and online publications, audio-visual and web-design technologies, SEO, social media and brand management.

A specific area is our creation of extremely successful thought-leadership articles used by organisations to raise a distinctive profile on websites and LinkedIn.

Continuous search for news and added value is specific to Twenty6. Our first-hand experience of many industries and business sectors, plus technical qualifications to degree level, allows us to identify a continuous stream of news and value that is important to end-users.

This forms the basis of specialist blogs, newsletters, magazine and social media content. To add further leverage, we link these to national and international events, research studies and other report findings.

Accurate and reliable topical communication streams are an important and powerful area for many companies over months and years.